Semper reservations is easy to learn and includes every function required to manage any size venue.
Semper reservations is easy to learn and includes every function required to manage any size venue.

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For management – Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with a dashboard delivered to your mobile devices or PC.

  • Income Analysis
  • Booking Source
  • Revenue Summary
  • Projected Income
  • Arrivals and Departures
  • Occupancy Analysis
  • Employee Task Analysis
  • Management Alerts
  • Cashflow analysis
  • Deposit Analysis

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Semper reservations includes all functions you may need for any size venue
from 6 to 200 rooms

  • Full functional system that contains all functions and features required for any size venue. From 10 to 300 rooms
  • Audit Trail tracking employee activities
  • Rate management supporting packages, day-rates, linked rates (change one and auto update all linked)   View Video
  • Auto distribute rate changes to all channels - online and local
  • Many automated functions including auto cancellations, auto payment recording, auto confirmations and much more    View Video
  • Integrated 3D secure payment system enabling easy collection of deposits and other debt without exposing guest credit cards
  • Process payments using a tablet for quick and easy payments without the use of a payments device.
  • Employee management system enables tasks to be distributed to individuals or groups with auto reminders ensuring the job is done on time.
  • Extensive financial controls included integrated debtors, day-ends, cash-ups, month-end etc.
  • Integrated accounting with direct postings to the most popular accounting systems such as Xero, Sage and Pastel
  • Operate from multiple locations
  • Integrated CRM to enable enhanced guest service delivery
  • Improve your guest experience with tools such as electronic check in, payments via tablet, electronic check out and guest online services while in-house
  • Integrated time and attendance
  • Advanced housekeeping module enables staff to update the room status using cell phones or tablets   View Video
  • Remote reservations from anywhere in the world using a cell phone, tablet or PC
  • Integration POS to post transactions to room or debtor accounts
  • Easy to use - saves you in training staff
  • Over 100 reports including various statistical analysis enabling solid management decisions.

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Your guest experience is everything


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Use Cell Phones and tablets and save money in hardware and staff costs
Extensive integration with Semper reservations for support of:

  • Mini Bar
  • Effective controlling reservation products taken up in restaurant and bar
  • Posting to reservation or debtors accounts
  • Staff accounts

Rules based system controlling happy hour rates, special discounts, two for one and much more

Extensive Stock control including building recipes, manufacturing, delivery module, weights and volumes.

Determine profit on any product sold including recipes

Analysis of the flow of product from purchase to sale with gross profit achieved

Modelling tool for effectively setting prices based on gross profit you wish to achieve

Integrated manufacturing

Designed to cater for any size restaurants, coffee shop, pub or curio shops.
Operational in some of the largest restaurants and bars.

payments made easy

Collect Money the easy and secure way with Semper online payment system.

  • Eliminate fraud by using the 3D secure payment method.
  • Payments integrated in various products including Automated services, own website bookings and electronic check-in.
  • Use a tablet to process payment when guest checks out without the need for a payment device. This can be used as an alternative payment method when cell phone signal is weak or fails as the payment is processed via the internet.

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Greatly reduce the workload of managing reservations by automating and saving many hours!

Once reservations have been received (online or manually recorded) the process from there is totally automated.

Areas of automation include auto generation of deposit invoices, recording of payments, confirmations, auto cancellations, refunds and debtors account payments.

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Benefits to automation

  • Save hours of tedious work in managing reservations
  • Eliminate monitoring your bank statements for payments.
  • Ensure accurate recording of payments within the correct reservation.
  • Ensure confirmations are emailed with professional look and feel in customized document
  • Greatly reduce the effort of processing refunds.
  • Ensure unwanted reservations are cancelled in time which opens the system for more reservations.
  • Eliminate fraudulent banking transactions by enforcing 3D secure payments
  • Reduce training requirement of staff as process is automated with no intervention required
  • Improve guest experience with professional documentation and by collecting guest information before they arrive

integrated accounting 2

Semper accounting integration supports advanced options for posting information to any accounting system:

  • Post totals or detailed invoicing
  • Direct integration to Pastel, Sage One, Xero
  • Import integration to most other systems
  • For larger venues a Trial Balance includes posting of Deposit, Guest and AR accounts

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Generating More Business For You

Increase Bookings | Save Time | Stay in control | Maximise availability | Reduce workload

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Let us show you how to maximise your online exposure and generate more business. How to yield and maximise profits.

Through Semper we can connect you to over 1,000 online channels (OTA’s), connect you to every travel agent throughout the world and enable your own website for direct bookings. On top of this add yield management to increase your turnover. 

What you need is a a solid strategy of the channels that will deliver best results, how to implement to ensure success and if yield management should be implemented.

The management of a complex online world requires solid management tools and automation to make it easy  and quick to change rates, distribute those changes to multiple channels and ensure online bookings are processed correctly with minimal effort. An integrated 3D secure ecommerce payment system is crucial.

Semper offers all of this plus a dedicated service team to assist you in getting the most business from the online world.

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yield profit

  • Have the right price at the right time and maximise your revenue
  • When you cant afford expensive yield managers
  • When you don’t have the time to play with prices
  • Automate ensures the best price is offered at all times to all channels
  • Try it for free and if it works great and if it does not switch it off
  • You can only gain by partnering with us


remote reservations 2

  • Book a room using your cell phone while away from your venue
  • Receive daily management information
  • Using a tablet or PC operate your full system remotely via a browser


Need more bookings?

  • Get the best of all worlds – connect to over 1, 000 channels worldwide.
  • Semper offers direct integrations to the world’s greatest booking platforms such as, Expedia, Agoda, Hostelworld as well as an advanced booking system for your own website.
  • For additional exposure we offer integrations to several channel management partners including Nightbridge, Siteminder, Staah, and Myallocator.
  • For travel agents exposure via the GDS system, we offer an integration to Sabre.
  • We customise your exposure to your needs and can change when your needs change.
  • Semper offers a single management environment where all online bookings are managed including setup, content and rates. Rate changes are auto distributed to all channels.

A comprehensive PMS (Property Management System) where you can choose cloud or local implementation.

Integrated Reservations Management, POS (Point of Sale), Stock Control, Conferencing, Payments and Accounting Integration.

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