Semper Point of Sale & Stock Control

For accommodation venues:

Semper POS and Stock control system is tightly integrated with the rest of the modules in a single database. This ensures that management and operations use the same approach as with the other modules, eliminating duplicate work.

Single accounting integrates all Pos sales, receipts as well as suppliers.

This is a full function Pos and stock control system used by small to very large venues and includes all features typically found in a restaurant, pubs, curio shop, wine cellar etc. It supports the many unique functions typically found only in accommodation venues such as management of minibars, issuing of stock for activities, housekeeping etc.

A strong focus on mobile phones and tablets for the Pos system drives down the cost of hardware and ensures far greater service to your guests.


For independent restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, curio shops:

If you operate a restaurant, you will be able to operate with 30% less people and far greater service. Let us show you how you can drive down costs significantly if you operate a pub, coffee shop, curio shop etc.

In all cases you implement a single integrated solution from your Pos devices with integrated stock control, management of suppliers and purchase orders to accounting systems such as Pastel. Functionally the system contains all you may need for any size venue.

Consider a restaurant with 180 seats  and 3 kitchen stations for starters, mains and desserts, with a separate station controlling all orders. Any order can contain items for the restaurant, bar or wine cellar.



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